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“Digging the Dirt” in the UK

A holiday surprise came to us in December when Russell Parry and Jake Cosford, hosts of the podcast “Digging the Dirt – The Allotment Show” carried by Skywave Radio in the UK, contacted Karen Stith, Board Member of the Bear Creek Community Garden, and asked for an interview with Karen and the filmmakers of “A Garden Experience – Growing Organic” for their podcast.

They had streamed “A Garden Experience – Growing Organic” on Amazon Prime,, loved it and wanted to do a show about it.  The podcast was broadcast on December 20th.

The free podcast is available online and can be listened to via Apple.

Karen notes that the enthusiastic podcasters shared that “… their podcast is one of the most popular gardening shows on the radio not only in the U.K. but also in New Zealand.  Russell and Jake both rent “allotments” in the towns where they live, which is the British form of a community garden, with a history going back to 1732.”

After you listen to their podcast, you’ll be enthusiastic, too!

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